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3C Strategy™

Arrow’s 3C Strategy™ is a signature component to how we conduct business on the behalf of our clients and ourselves to drive results through opportunistic sales conversions.

With our proactive 3C Strategy™, Arrow Marketing provides Clear, Comprehensive and Consistent sales and marketing objectives that work together to produce branding and revenue opportunities, all while fitting your budget.

We believe that all types of marketing - traditional and contemporary - should seamlessly work together with sales to produce results. Therefore, the plan we put together for each client targets the right message, in the right place, to the right people, and with the right pitch.

Why is this important?

When creating sales and marketing campaigns the objectives and messages need to be CLEAR; the copy, graphics and plan needs to be COMPREHENSIVE; and the overall campaigns must be CONSISTENT so as not to frustrate customers and potential customers with conflicting communications from department to department, platform to platform.

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