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Advertising Specialties & Apparel

What happened to all the “stuff” you passed out over the years?

A good friend of Arrow’s - a major player in regional government and a senior manager at a high-profile lobbying firm - told us that he collects all these give-a-ways from trade shows and events and dumps them out for his grandchildren during the holidays.

We know this is a bit extreme, but is this where you want your marketing message?

Merchandise with corporate branding is important, but so is the decision on what you need and how the recipient will remember you.

The idea is to be creative and work with the premium companies to create something “sticky” for the marketplace – that is, something that has a long-lasting impression, is highly usable, and can even be fun.

Arrow is an ASI Member. We can architect all your advertising specialties and apparel to make sure they are in-line with your corporate marketing message and your target market.

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