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Sales Personality Exams

If you interview sales people, you know it's easy to measure skill, training and experience. Most directors agree, however, that sales people invariably fail because their personality is a bad fit for the corporate culture or scope of the market. This softer area of personality and motivational style is what really should be measured.

As critical as this information is, it is also the most difficult area to evaluate. This is because sales applicants – like most all applicants - play roles based on what it is they think you are looking for in order to land the job.

At Arrow, we take the guesswork out of hiring salespeople by measuring the applicant's motivational style, personality traits and job fit based on your needs today.

Our sales interview test cuts through the applicant's façade, enabling you to make far better hiring decisions.

Arrow’s applicant testing is convenient, quick and non-threatening, and clear, concise and comprehensive evaluation reports are prepared quickly for your decision-making process.

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